Sugar in Foods For Kids

Do you know how much sugar is in some snachs for kids? There is alot i’ll tell you! Some times there are 6 kinds of sugar in kid snachs , it’s a CRAZY amont of sugar. For example, Fruit by the FOOT    and lucky charmes are all I can think of rate now but there are alot more I tell you. Plus  glucose and fructose are  sugar too, so don’t be fooled.

Ever After High The Unfairest Of Them All

I love my book Ever After High The Unfairest Of Them All.I would reccomend  this book to people that like the show Ever  After High .Here are 3 good reasons why you should read my book. Reason 1 is it’s a fairy tail. Reason 2 it is a funny book. For example  on page 88 Maddy  says”narrator?Oh narrator,you sweetie crumb cake you.” Reason 3  it is an adventurous book also!That is why I reccomend  that you should read my book.

This is my book.

Judy moody

My opinion of this book is good because judy is a funny prson because she didint wont to go to school because everyone had a now shot so she drow on hre shot  saing I ate a shark so that is what is funny. Another thing she is amassing because she is just like me because she has the same ides as me so that is why i think she is like me.Also I think it is weird and funny that frank gifs judy extra things on avants. by sydney

Timber Wolf

timber wolf is a great book i recommend reading it is violent i like violent for example ” i woke up broken ribs and all” that is what the text says at the start. his name turns out to  be jack he has two sisters,he hid out at a camp for a long time with some new Friends and his only friends.the book has survivel jack is stranded on a remote island.there is a lot of sarcasm in this book i reely reckomend reading this book.


I recommend the book Rose. It is a great book.  It is sad,funny and  has  amazing drawings. The book Rose is by Jeff Smith. I think he is a great  writer and if you read some of his books I think you will think the same as me or close to the same!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth

I will reccomend this book because they have descriptive words and creative picktures.I know because on page.135 it says” They played with what ever electronic gadgets they had with them.” The picktures go with the sentence about  them playing with the electronic gadgets.”That is why i reccomend this book.

Dork Diaries

I think that  the book I”m reading is appropriate for kids my age. Here are some reasons why: the first reason is that the book is super funny . For example, Nikki the girl in my book has to sing the queasy    cheesy song  at a  pizza place for little kids , Nikki embarrassed her self  in front of a girl named Mackenzie , Nikki”s enemy. Another  reason  why  this book  is okay for kids my age is that  it”s a kind of book that is a  life  book. For example, Nikki writes about what happens through the day in class.The last reason why this book is okay for kids my age is the book has a lot  of wacky ideas.  For example, Nikki tries to hide in between two vending machetes and it didn”t work. She got cot by her friends. That is why  my book is okay for kids my age.

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TIDES OF WAR!!!!!!!!!!!! By: William Park

I would recommend this book for kids my age because it is about a man named Cory. Cory was in the navy Seals but he got washed out of the program. Cory is now in the Navy Marine Mammal Program partnered with a dolphin. Cory also has a dolphin team. Cory and his dolphin team is sent to a mission to the sea of Japan.